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FAVAFirelands Association for the Visual Arts (est. 1979; Oberlin, OH)
FAVAFilm and Video Arts Society of Alberta (Canada)
FAVAFederation of Asian Veterinary Associations
FAVAFestival des Arts Visuels en Atlantique (French: Atlantic Visual Arts Festival; Canada)
FAVAFreethinkers and Atheists of Virginia
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To keep the color in this mild spring soup bright, use a deep green head of lettuce, cooking it only enough to wilt it, and peel favas shortly before using them.
There's just enough creamy rice to hold together the generous tumble of favas and their greens, which taste similar to spinach.
Favas are actually members of the pea family and grow in pods ranging from 5 to 12 inches long.
Keep fresh favas in the pod, wrapped in plastic, and store them in the refrigerator until ready to use.
Handling fresh favas takes a little more time than handling most other fresh beans.
Another new machine from FAVA is the Model 1600E which is a low priced entry level machine, however still capable of operating at speeds of 17,000 bottles per hour on 1.
This machine is based on the standard range of machines that are available from FAVA, however has been value engineered to keep prices to a minimum.
As favas mature, the pod toughens and gets furry, the membrane or skin surrounding the bean toughens, and the bean becomes coarser in texture.
Fresh favas are quite perishable; the pods mold and turn black quickly, and the beans in the pods also mold readily.
The sauteed vegetable dish pairs favas with the smoky flavor of Jerusalem artichokes.
Some believe the popularity of favas may be wrapped up in the trend of seasonal cooking.
He currently is serving an appetizer of pureed favas on grilled bruschetta.