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FBIFederal Bureau of Investigation (US government)
FBIFirst Baltic International
FBIFiscale Beleggingsinstelling (Dutch: Fiscal Investment Institution)
FBIFederation of British Industries
FBIFrontier Booking International (Hollywood, CA, USA)
FBIFemale Body Inspectors (gaming group)
FBIFlowers By Irene (Simpsons)
FBIFee-Based Income
FBIForeign Born Irish
FBIFood & Beverage Institute (Culinary Institute of America)
FBIFull Blooded Irish
FBIFile by Internet (taxation; UK)
FBIFile Based Installer
FBIFull Blooded Ilocano (Philippines from Big Island of Hawai'i)
FBIFirm Believer in Islam
FBIFiji Born Indian
FBIFrance Britain Ireland (band in Swords, Co. Dublin, Ireland)
FBIForce by Intelligence (gaming clan)
FBIFoliar Browse Index
FBIFungi, Bacteria, and Invertebrate
FBIFunny Business Incorporated (Danish website)
FBIFrank's Breakfast Inn (fictional, Adventures In Odyssey)
FBIFungi, Bacteria and Insects
FBIFuture Business Intercommunications Limited
FBIFunny, Beautiful, Intelligent
FBIFederal Building Industries Company LLC (Dubai, UAE)
FBIFubu Bodywear Incorporated
FBIFile Based Inserting
FBIFlyen Boyz, Inc. (automobile club; New Zealand)
FBIFaith Based Initiatives
FBIFirm Believer in Christ
FBIFerrous Basic Integral (coating thickness gages on steel, ferrous substrates)
FBIFeedback Inhibition
FBIFenerbahce Incorporated (football team in Turkey)
FBIFull Blooded Indian
FBIFull Blooded Italian
FBIForce, Magnetic (B field), Current (I)
FBIFamous But Incompetent (common slang used by militia groups)
FBIFarm Bureau Insurance
FBIForbidden Planet International
FBIFrom Big Island (Hawaii)
FBIFidelity, Bravery, Integrity (motto, Federal Bureau of Investigation)
FBIFluidized Bed Incinerator
FBIFood Borne Illness
FBIFull Blooded Italians (pro wrestling)
FBIFeedback Information (3GPP)
FBIFachbereich Informatik (German: department for computer science)
FBIFinance, Banking and Insurance
FBIFamily-Based Intervention
FBIFairytale Believers Incorporated
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The first, Administrative, includes file numbers, keywords, case title, FBI division information, investigator details, and similar data.
The team is investigating whether Rajlal engaged in similar crimes in the past, the FBI said.
Because Samit never made the explicit link to Afghan terror camps, the FBI could not claim a "foreign power" was directing Moussaoui, the test for an intelligence warrant from the court.
There was the botched investigation of atomic scientist Wen Ho Lee, in which FBI mistakes mined a suspect widely believed to be guilty into a hem in some Asian and civil libertarian circles.
A top FBI official said the bureau "presumably" would ask Congress for millions of dollars more to seek bids from companies to develop another automated information-sharing system, USA Today reported.
As Assistant Director, he is responsible for all key staffing decisions within the FBI, a position similar in scope to the head of human resources in the private sector.
The FBI is handling more than 2,000 securities and corporate fraud cases, the majority representing millions or even billions of dollars in losses and thousands of victims.
With the publication of Tobin and Randich's research in July 2002, as well as other studies including the FBI's own analyses, pressure mounted on the FBI to reevaluate its methods and court testimonies.
The Attorney General, in turn, designated the FBI to serve as the national clearinghouse for the crime data collected.
The media on which the state UCR Programs may forward hate crime data to the FBI include, but are not limited to, magnetic cartridges, disks, electronic record layouts sent via e-mail, and paper forms.
The CPA's rich tradition of independence and integrity that investors, businesses and everybody else looks to led us to see if we could broaden and deepen this relationship with the AICPA," said Grant Ashley, CPA, Assistant Director in charge of the FBI Criminal Investigative Division.
In reflection of its emphasis on this goal, the FBI is making major changes.