FBJFriction Bit Joining (metallurgy technology)
FBJFantastique Bataillon de Joinville (French gaming club)
FBJFinal Body Join
FBJFreiman-Berger-Johnson Bound (constant weight code)
FBJFaded Blue Jeans (ministry; drug and alcohol rehabilitation)
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Miles says FBJ could be used to weld a high-strength steel A- or B-pillar and aluminum roof, or to join lighter-weight materials into parts of the car door.
Miles and his team continue to research FBJ with assistance From stir welding machine-maker MegaStir (megastir.
C-Fos (FOS; FBJ murine osteoblastoma viral oncogene homoIog)-induced growth factor, a member of tkcAP-l oncogene family implicated in cell motility and invasion (Han et al.
According to Tsedu: "The steering committee of the FBJ issued invitations to an invitation-only function.
We find it particularly disconcerting that some of the people behind the revival of the moribund FBJ are not journalists and seem not to be motivated by the altruism that drives this noble craft and gives it integrity.
There was also a group of genes that were involved in the pathogenesis of vascular disease, including those associated with the clotting independent signaling of F3, which included v-fos FBJ murine osteosarcoma viral oncogene homolog (FOS, Unigene accession no.
6 polypeptide 5 25647 FOS v-fos FBJ murine osteosarcoma viral 1.