FBMIFederal Bureau of Miscellaneous Information (Letterman's Fun Facts segment)
FBMIFocused Beam Microwave Irradiation
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Walied Jabarkhyl, executive director, FBMI, said: "Most women in Afghanistan are uneducated.
In the future, FBMI hopes to set up weaving centres in each of Afghanistan's 34 provinces, benefitting local economies as the country shifts away from an economy revolving around the presence of American and other coalition troops.
Tanweer FBMI, which according to its website began with an investment of 33 million dollars in July 2010, has two large centres of production and processing handmade carpets in Kabul and Nangarhar provinces.
FBMI has also flown down two Afghan weavers to give live demonstrations of their art during the exhibition, daily from 4pm to midnight, and also guide visitors who want to try their hand at weaving on the traditional Afghan carpet loom.
The FBMI programme aims to empower Afghan women by providing them with work, weaving traditional Afghan carpets, and 80 per cent of the total revenue goes back to these women in the form of salary, access to healthcare and education for their children.
FBMI medical staff provide monthly checkups and essential medical supplies, including medication, masks and soap.
More than 4,000 Afghan workers are currently producing the carpets through FBMI, which employs traditional crafting methods, operating strictly within Afghanistan using wool and natural vegetable dyes and ensuring that all carpets are 100 per cent ethically made.
with Tanweer Investments, an Afghan carpet maker for three generations, FBMI is promoting Afghanistan's carpet industry, where the weavers are mostly women, and giving it a global footfall.
Contract notice for Instruments for the laboratory of medical chemistry and biochemistry FBMI CVUT.
Tanweer FBMI -- a partnership between Tanweer Investments and Her Highness Shaikha Fatima Bint Mubarak -- gives women in the rural areas of Afghanistan a new lease of life by offering them training in wool spinning and weaving.
Meanwhile, Carpet Oasis prides on Tanweer FBMI, a partnership between Tanweer Investments and Shaikha Fatma bint Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan of the UAE.
It was only after she began working for the Dubai-based initiative Tanweer FBMI as a wool spinner, making locally produced carpets, that she went from barely surviving to being able to support her children's education.