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FBNFox Business Network (TV news channel)
FBNFortis Bank Nederland (Dutch bank)
FBNFurniture Brands International, Inc. (stock symbol)
FBNFederal Base Networks
FBNFile Box Number
FBNFly By Night
FBNFirst Bank of Nigeria Plc
FBNFlorida Board of Nursing
FBNFederal Base Network (US NOAA)
FBNForeign Bills Negotiated
FBNFictious Business Name
FBNFeminist Bookstore News (publication)
FBNFinancial Broadcasting Network
FBNFédération Bordeaux Neurosciences (France)
FBNFamily Bible Notes
FBNFitness Business News (publication)
FBNFlorida Bass Network (fishing website)
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The subordinated debt of FBN is rated one notch below FBN's 'b-' Viability Rating (VR).
The bank said, 'This partnership comes under the three-year memorandum of understanding (MoU) between FBN Merchant Bank and Oxford Business Group, which is now in its second year.
FBN empowers farmers to use their data to find more profits.
The acquisition is from FBN MFB's owner, FBN Holdings plc which is Nigeria's the oldest banking group, having been founded in 1894, and is listed on the Nigeria Stock Exchange (NSE).
AbdulAziz Al Ghurair Chairman of FBN GCC in opening the day-long summit on April 30th.
Given their importance of family businesses to GCC economies, FBN officials said there is growing realisation at the government level on the need for creating specific laws to assist family business generational transition.
Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair, President of FBN GCC, also addressed the opening session.
Pittman took advantage of the occasion to plug this weekend's iHeartRadio Music Festival, which according to the FBN report will feature such acts as Taylor Swift, Coldplay, Usher, Eric Church, Nicki Minaj and more.
Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair, the president of FBN GCC and chairman of Al Ghurair Investment, said: "As hosts, we aspire to contribute and be a part of the summit's platform where we can share issues, exchange solutions, spark new conversations, carve out shared priorities, take action and collaborate with like-minded family businesses.
Joining the company in February 2010, Gasparino provides on-air reports for FBN and FNC on the latest news impacting Wall Street and the financial markets.
The FBN was led by a presidentially appointed commissioner who reported to an assistant Secretary of the Treasury official.
EoACA[pounds sterling]So for every one share you hold in First Bank, you are now given one share in FBN Holdings," he said.