FBRMFocused Beam Reflectance Measurement (crystal growth)
FBRMFocused Beam Reflectance Method (particle size measurement with a laserlight)
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The FBRM measures in real time the chord size distribution of the suspended particles.
The conditions of the experiments were such that the results of pulp flocculation measured by FBRM, drainage and retention for the BKP fibre suspensions could be compared.
The new software interface enables the CamileTG software to use data collected from the FBRM analyzer and RamanRxn spectroscopy system as feedback control mechanisms.
Screening methodologies to determine if plug flow crystallization is appropriate for a particular chemistry is also explored, as is using FBRM and Particle Vision Microscopy (PVM) to monitor and maximize operating conditions.
The reactor also allows the use of process analytical technology (PAT) in the form of an in-line Lasentec FBRM (focused beam reflectance measurement) system that provides in-process control.