FBRMFractional Bit Rate Modulation
FBRMFocused Beam Reflectance Measurement (crystal growth)
FBRMFocused Beam Reflectance Method (particle size measurement with a laserlight)
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The principle of operation of the FBRM technique is shown schematically in Fig.
The FBRM technique can be used successfully in many different applications, including monitoring of crystallization processes [8], characterization of biomass in suspension cultures [11], monitoring of gas hydrate formation [10], among other applications [31].
2001) [34] studied the reproducibility of chord size data obtained by using FBRM from samples of standard poly(vinyl chloride) beads at different agitation rates and bead concentrations.
As shown, the application of the FBRM technique in polymerization processes is still incipient and little is known on the efficiency of this technique in suspension polymerization reactions.
The Lasentec D600L FBRM instrument was used to perform the experiments.
0 cm above the impeller, as already applied in the literature of the FBRM [43].
According to the literature [14, 16, 27], the performance of the FBRM technique is highly dependent on the properties of the analyzed dispersions.
As the analyzed literature does not describe the sensitivity of the FBRM technique to presence of ambient light, this particular aspect of the FBRM technology was evaluated in the initial set of experiments.
The FBRM probe is immersed into a dilute or concentrated flowing slurry, droplet emulsion or fluidized particle system.
Unlike other particle analysis techniques, FBRM measurement makes no assumption of particle shape.
The conditions of the experiments were such that the results of pulp flocculation measured by FBRM, drainage and retention for the BKP fibre suspensions could be compared.
Figure 1 presents the flocculation induced by the PEO-CF retention system as determined by FBRM for a suspension of BKP fibres with GCC added.