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FBSFetal Bovine Serum (culture media)
FBSFootball Bowl Subdivision (formerly NCAA Division 1-A)
FBSFootball Bowl Subdivision
FBSFidelity Brokerage Services
FBSFasting Blood Sugar
FBSFatboy Slim (band)
FBSFederal Bureau of Statistics (Pakistan)
FBSFailed Back Syndrome (post-surgical condition)
FBSFood Balance Sheet (various organizations)
FBSFight Before Surrender (band)
FBSFree Basic Services (South Africa)
FBSFunktionsbausteinsprache (German: Function Block Diagram)
FBSForeign Body Sensation
FBSFanconi-Bickel Syndrome
FBSFixed-Base Simulator
FBSFetal Blood Sample
FBSFrequency Based Scheduler
FBSFlexible Bandwidth Service
FBSFuture Business Systems (North Caulfield, VIC, Australia accounting software)
FBSForward-Based Systems
FBSFresh Body Shop (band)
FBSFédération Belge de Scrabble
FBSFranklin Building Supply (Idaho)
FBSField Bus System
FBSFighter-Bomber Strike
FBSFinance Battlefield System
FBSFloodplain Boundary Standard
FBSFellow of the Burgon Society
FBSFusion Block System
FBSFleet Broadcast System
FBSFrequency Bank System
FBSFlare Buildup Study
FBSFahr Berechtigungs System (Mercedes-Benz)
FBSFast Burst Synchronization
FBSFlat Bottom Structure
FBSFacilities Based Carrier
FBSFreight Billing System
FBSFront Bass
FBSFunctional Baseline Solution
FBSFirst Break Suppression (seismic data processing)
FBSFortified Barrier System
FBSFocus Business Services (Cyprus)
FBSFat Baby Syndrome (aka macrosomia)
FBSFull Belly Syndrome
FBSFlorida Blood Services (St. Petersburg, FL)
FBSFall Board Skins
FBSFood and Beverages Service
FBSFaculty of Biological Sciences (various locations)
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The annual Global Brands Magazine awards celebrate the best in class brands, and FBS Inc received plaudits for its performance and branding activities last year.
FBS has been a critical component of the media that is used to culture cells.
Regarding achievements by COGTA, Mr Malehase highlighted the National Policy Framework for municipal indigent policy and a monitoring and reporting system for FBS as notable achievements in going forward with FBS.
In the present research we wished to use a proteomics approach to identify whether proteins were affected by a simple modification of the FBS concentration in the culture media using 2 D-gel electrophoresis.
With some of the industry's foremost experts in wave mechanics, sensor and instrumentation design, application studies and feature based signal processing, FBS leads in the development and manufacturing of guided wave products and solutions addressing the challenges of various industries.
This type of proactivity not only saves FBS time and money, but also ensures FBS provides its customers with competitive service and continuous optimal web application performance.
FBS was the first Turkish bank to obtain a banking license from the Swiss banking authorities in 1990, when Finansbank-Turkey acquired FBS from the Union Bank of Switzerland, which retains a minority stake.
We studied a variety of options and the specific proposals of several competitors and Equifax FBS clearly stood out," said Anne-Marie Lemire, General Manager of the bank's Card Division.
We think there is great market potential for FBS replacement in cancer cell lines.
Under the proposed agreement, Human Science Systems will acquire the rights of distribution to the FBS suite of products, and FBS will in turn use their rapid applications development tools and techniques to collaborate with Human Science in the development and introduction of new software products.
To protect the affected WorldPerks Visa Gold Card customers, we are calling them to recommend they close their current accounts, said Dan Frate, senior vice president, Payment Systems, at FBS.
ATLANTA, March 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Wachovia Bank Card Services has awarded a contract to FBS Software (FBS) for a comprehensive upgrade of all its main-frame computer software used for credit card processing.