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FBTFloridians for Better Transportation
FBTFlorence Baptist Temple (Florence, SC)
FBTFunctional Board Test
FBTFédération des Bourses du Travail (French: Federation of Labor Exchanges; France)
FBTFused Biconic Technology
FBTFuel Bar Trioxine
FBTF-Bus Terminator
FBTFull Body Tourettes (Mike Patton song)
FBTFire Boat
FBTFunny but True
FBTFruit Basket Turnover
FBTFeedback Technology
FBTFlyback Transformer
FBTFringe Benefit Tax
FBTFused Biconic Taper (fiber optic connector)
FBTFood, Beverages and Tobacco
FBTFire Bell Test (UK; fire drill)
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This has enabled FBT to benefit from positive news coming out of small- and mid-sized biotech companies, such as breakthrough treatments and M&A announcements.
As well as 'business accessories' being FBT exempt, exemption has been extended to include sign-writing the vehicle in the employer's colours whether through paint or graphics.
Mr Hughes added, ``We are, however, concerned that the review found that there is a lack of awareness amongst farmers of FBTs and an apparent failure of the Agricultural Tenancies Act to facilitate entry of new entrants into agriculture.
Applicable Criteria and Related Research: FBT and Consumer I FCF Efficiency Leaders and Laggards
Most FBTs have, up until now, been for shorter terms, however as we are now seeing longer-term tenancies for complete farms coming in this can only improve the letting market.
In the past we've identified FBT savings--there're areas open to interpretation and we're happy to provide advice on reducing FBT exposure and making the most of the available exemptions.
A FleetPartners product utilising pre-leased vehicles, Econolease incorporates all the benefits of a fully maintained operating lease, with potential savings in lease rental and FBT value.
There are also changes to the law relating to FBTs.
The FBT allows utilities to measure at very low and extremely high flow rates, which can generate revenue previously not captured," said Tracy.
However, with changes to the FBT in April this year (see separate story), leased and rented vehicles are now treated identically for tax purposes to vehicles that are owned.
In these times of diverse family incomes, farm businesses that include owned land, AHA tenancies and FBT tenancies and landlords who might well welcome the opportunity to obtain vacant possession, planning for succession to the tenanted farm has become more necessary than ever.