FBXFlorida Business Exchange (Tampa, FL)
FBXFrameline, Bubble and Crosshair Generator (Unitcine)
FBXFax Branch Exchange (computing)
FBXFighter/Bomber All Weather
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Over at Autodesk s website, the developer explains thatt, for assessing 3D assets and animations* quickly and efficiently, FBX Review is a free, lightweight, standalone software equipment, and
As part of this FBX integration, RadiumOne combines its audience amplification layer ShareGraph with real-time Facebook ad inventory.
2x decrease in the amount of time it takes to launch FBX campaigns for top 1000 online advertisers; going from contract to live retargeting ads on Facebook now takes one week.
Many advertisers with brick-and-mortar locations have driven direct response results on their own e-commerce sites due to The Trade Desk's support of FBX.
Vizury's product expertise on FBX as well as its work with Website Custom Audiences delivers remarkable ROI for clients through dynamic product level retargeting.
Fully integrated into the FBX platform, Xaxis' Social Analytics Suite provides its advertisers with the opportunity to buy Facebook display inventory, enabling seamless coordination between their Facebook ad buys and the rest of their digital media spend.
Vizury was recognized as the sixth fastest growing company in the Deloitte APAC Fast500 2013 and is among the first in Asia to be an FBX qualified partner and a Twitter Retargeting Platform Partner.
Integration: Seamless integration with The Foundry's NUKE compositing application allows direct export to a NUKE project with multi-pass layers, including full support for OpenEXR and FBX files.
When the cinematics were finalized, the Autodesk FBX data interchange format made it very easy to move our assembled clips from MotionBuilder into Maya for export to our game engine.
Autodesk FBX asset exchange technology provided a faster and more convenient way to transfer models between Maya and 3ds Max," explained Laura Gallagher, character modeler at Eidos-Montreal.
FBX and PTEX support: OctaneRender 3 supports importing data from Autodesk's FBX file format and Disney's PTEX texture file format.
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