FCBCFirst Chinese Baptist Church
FCBCFaithful Central Bible Church (Inglewood, CA)
FCBCFort Collins Baseball Club (Fort Collins, CO)
FCBCFisheries Council of British Columbia
FCBCFirst Community Bancorp, California (financial institution)
FCBCFrontCounter British Columbia (Canada)
FCBCForeign Currency Bearer Certificate (Pakistan)
FCBCFootball Club Billy-Créchy (French sports club)
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Whilst FCBC have been able to mitigate the impacts of weather by increasing resources and running a number of activities in parallel they are now entering a stage of bridge construction which is technically very complex.
In order to mitigate the on-going weather impacts that have arisen over the past few months FCBC has procured additional physical resource, increased staffing by taking on an additional 100 workers, increased working hours, altered construction methodologies where possible and challenged critical construction sequences to identify where any programme efficiencies could be found.
FCBC has identified entrepreneurship education as a long-term priority and essential part of economic development and community revitalization.
The FCBC in collaborative partnership with Entrepreneuring Youth and the Community College of Beaver County will establish a pathway to education and resources related to business ownership and life-skill development through the support and expansion of introductory and advanced business camps, market day events, business plan competitions, year-long mentoring programs, a youth business incubator, community entrepreneurship centers, education seminars and community forums.