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FCDFédération des Entreprises du Commerce et de la Distribution (French: Federation of Enterprises of Trade and Distribution)
FCDFreedom from Chemical Dependency
FCDFuel Cut Defender
FCDFriend of Charles Darwin
FCDFutbol Club Dallas
FCDFleet Campaign Directive
FCDFast Track Committee Draft
FCDFreight Customs Declaration
FCDFriend Code DataBase (gaming fansite)
FCDFunctional Capabilities Document
FCDFine Control Damper
FCDFunctional Control Document
FCDFault Consequence Digraph
FCDFailure Cause Distribution
FCDFlat Ceramic Detector
FCDFelony Conviction Data
FCDFire Creating Device (smoker slang)
FCDFinancial Crimes Database (US Postal Inspection Service)
FCDFiber Chromatic Dispersion
FCDForeign Carrier Detect
FCDField Commander's Display
FCDFunctional Configuration Document
FCDFormation Cooperation Developpement Solidarite Sociale (French)
FCDFoot Candle Distance
FCDField Change Document (construction code changes documentation)
FCDfull contact dance
FCDFactory Commit Date (order fulfillment metrics)
FCDFrequent Customer Discount
FCDFC Dallas (soccer)
FCDFederal Civil Defense Administration
FCDForeign Currency Deposit
FCDFlood Control District
FCDFlood and Coastal Defence (UK)
FCDFoundation for Community Development (various locations)
FCDFree City of Danzig
FCDFoundation for Child Development
FCDFast Casual Dining
FCDFully Convertible Debenture
FCDFuchs' Corneal Dystrophy
FCDFibrocystic Disease
FCDFloating Car Data (now generally superseded by FDV)
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Many other top-class refractors have two or three internal baffles, causing me some concern that the FCD scope would be subject to lens flare.
The relative risk of FCD is much higher in ears with cholesteatoma.
The FCD estimates that at least 30 illegal loggers could be operating within the Chiquibul Forest on a daily basis.
City did draw in Ohio last month but FCD were the first team to lower Columbus's colours there for seven outings.
Cortes de cada uno de los segmentos del intestino grueso fueron examinados a fin de detectar, localizar y caracterizar los FCD.
Asia Abdulwahab Al Raeesi, Acting Head of Food Studies and Planning Section at the FCD, said about 50 individuals were affected in up to seven cases of outbreaks of food poisoning reported.
The system eliminates time-consuming FCD calibrations and performs a real-time calibration measurement each time the FCD turns on during processing to make sure it meets specifications.
FCD says anybody considering selling an overseas home in the next two years who is concerned about exchange rates and house prices can take out one of its Forward Contracts, enabling them to lock into the current exchange rates for a future sale, in return for a small deposit.
The Commission asked a joint committee from CEBS and CEIOPS (the Joint Committee of Financial Conglomerates - JCFC) to do a stocktake of the implementation of the FCD in national law.
According to the FCD, children's success must be built on a foundation of seamless learning during their earliest (PreK-3rd) school years.