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FCEFirst Certificate in English
FCEFondo de Cultura Económica (Spanish: Economic Culture Fund)
FCEFaculty of Civil Engineering (various schools)
FCEFoundation for Creative Expression (Arizona)
FCEFunctional Capacity Evaluation
FCEFinal Cut Express (Apple video editing suite)
FCEFamily and Consumer Education (various organizations)
FCEFacultad de Ciencias Económicas (Spanish)
FCEFlorida Coastal Everglades
FCEFemmes Chefs d'Entreprises (French women entrepreneur association)
FCEField Company Engineers
FCEFlat Carbon Europe (ArcelorMittal)
FCEForces Armées Conventionnelles en Europe (French: Conventional Armed Forces in Europe)
FCEFirst Class Education (various locations)
FCEFibro-Cartilagenous Embolism
FCEFootball Club des Écrivains (French football club)
FCEFlight Crew Equipment (US NASA)
FCEFuel Cell Energy
FCEFédération des Congolais de l'Etranger (French: Federation of Congolese Abroad)
FCEFamily Community Education (former homemakers organization)
FCEFonds de Compétitivité des Entreprises (France)
FCEFinished Consultant Episode (UK hospital statistics)
FCEFluid Control Europe (France)
FCEFeed Conversion Efficiency (animal nutrition)
FCEFletcher Challenge Energy (New Zealand)
FCEForeign Currency Exchange
FCEFootball Club de l'Elle (French football club)
FCEFoundation for Co-Existence (Sri Lanka)
FCEFuture Computing Environments
FCEFoundation for a College Education
FCEFederal College of Education (various locations)
FCEFondation Congolaise pour l'Education (French: Congolese Foundation for Education; Congo)
FCEFinished Ceiling Elevation (architecture)
FCEFleet Civil Engineer (US Navy)
FCEForum on Contemporary Europe (Stanford University; Stanford, CA)
FCEFree Church of England
FCEForward Command Element
FCEFaculdade Campos Elíseos (Portuguese: College Champs Elysees; Champs Elysees, Sao Paulo, Brazil)
FCEFamily Computer Emulator
FCEField Clinical Engineer
FCEFull Compliance Evaluation
FCEFire Control Equipment
FCEFrance Conseil Environnement (French construction company)
FCEFederal Canning Establishment (food safety; US FDA)
FCEFlorida Commission on Ethics
FCEFussballclub Einsiedeln (Swiss soccer club)
FCEFull Credit Equivalents
FCEFootball Club de l'Estuaire (French football club)
FCEForward Control Element
FCEFrequency Correlation Estimate
FCEFussball-Club Energie
FCEFédération de la Chimie et de l'Énergie (French: Chemical and Energy Federation)
FCEFlexible Critical Experiment
FCEFenn College of Engineering (Cleveland State University)
FCEFires Coordination Element
FCEFlight Control Element
FCEFussballclub Erzgebirge (Aue, Germany)
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Lors d'un point de presse en marge du forum, Ali Haddad, le president du FCE a annonce par ailleurs, qu'une [beaucoup moins que] exposition des produits algeriens aura lieu prochainement au Canada [beaucoup plus grand que].
The scheme worked with Bussone and Lampner soliciting hundreds of thousands of dollars from FCE and BCG.
The lawsuit also alleges that FCE, with the knowledge and participation of principal owners Gary Beckman and Stephen Porter, caused the plan to engage in transactions for their own benefit and exercised control over the plan's contracts with other service providers to increase FCE's compensation through undisclosed commissions and fees.
El escritor sinaloense Elmer Mendoza modero la mesa del 80 aniversario del FCE en la que participaron Jorge Melguizo, Agustin Estrada, Ezequiel Ferrara y el mero mero de la novela negra el propio Mendoza, Premio Internacional Tusquets .
In 1983, the Polinsky Functional Capacity Assessment was the first widely available commercial FCE and, in the late 1980s, Blankenship FCEs became available.
Es Jose Luis Martinez carteandose con Octavio Paz, fundamentalmente con textos de Paz muy diversos que van desde una postal o un telegrama y la redaccion propia de esos espacios, hasta cartas mas personales e Incluso, documentos oficiales", senala en torno a esta novedad literaria Tomas Granados Salinas, gerente editorial del FCE y responsable de La Gaceta, cuyo numero 519 de este mes aparecio el jueves 27 dedicado al poeta en su integridad.
Aditionally, FCE have announced England's first Walk Your Dog Week, which takes place from April 28 to May 5.
All the three control fish species exhibited significantly higher feed intakes that resulted into significantly better FCE than the fish either exposed to waterborne or dietary metals.
Also at FCE Cosmetique, Lubrizol introduced Carbopol Ultrez 30 polymer to Brazil.
Pennsylvania-headquartered FCE employs 20 people all of whom will be retained, while the company will join Siemens Industry Inca[euro](tm)s Metals Technologies (MT) business unit.
The instrument, rated Ba1 by Moody's, is part of FCE Bank's euro medium-term note programme.
An Orlando, Florida-based foreign banknote wholesaler, FCE enables banks to offer foreign currency exchange services to their clients on a private label basis.