FCFAFédération des Communautés Francophones et Acadienne (Canada)
FCFAFederació Catalana de Futbol Americà (Catalan: Catalan Federation of American Football; Barcelona, Spain)
FCFAFranc Communauté Financière Africaine
FCFAForeign Currency Fluctuation Account
FCFAFree and Clear Foundations of America, Inc.
FCFAFriends of the Center for the Arts
FCFAFree Cash Flow, Annual
FCFAFellow Cookery Food Association
FCFAfuel cladding failure accident
FCFAFlorida Communications Fraud Act
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Ainsi, nous avons depouille les sites Internet des dix-neuf associations membres de la FCFA de meme que ceux des trente associations membres du Forum de concertation des organismes acadiens du Nouveau-Brunswick (ci-apres appele le Forum), (7) pour en extraire tous les passages ou il etait question soit d'immigration soit de diversite.
Dans son catalogue de vente en ligne, le site affiche ses prix en FCFA (Franc de la communaute financiere en Afrique), monnaie de reference dans plusieurs pays africains.
86) Because the statistical reports from Cameroon indicate that most commercial operators are well below the fifteen million FCFA threshold, as are the vast majority of our pilot sample, the discussion that follows assumes that the discharge tax is applicable.
Travelers may not enter or leave the country with more than 1,000,000 FCFA (approximately $1,980).
During its first seven weeks of operation, the company transported more than 33,000 passengers, generating 214,411,715 FCFA (approximately $415,000 USD).
Switzerland, other donors and the government have committed increasing financial resources on this topic (95 million FCFA in 2010 to about 400 million FCFA / year between 2011 and 2013) with improved awareness and some timid signs of behavior change.
Quand il y eu la devaluation, on proposait le ticket a 2400 FCFA et c'etait un peu lourd.
SONEL is one of the largest African electricity utilities with 800 MW of installed capacity (90% hydro), 4083 employees, 427,000 LV customers and 3,066 GWh sold per year with FCFA 74 bln (USD 100M) net sales in the year 2000.
The construction of Cameroon s first tramway, is estimated to cost FCFA 491 billion ($1 billion) for the first 50 kilometers and will be operated using the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model.
The Menchum Hydroelectric Power scheme is estimated at 325 million USD (about FCFA 191,853,779,504) with a construction period of 40 months and a defects liability period of 12 months.