FCICFederal Citizen Information Center (formerly Federal Consumer Information Center; Pueblo, CO, USA)
FCICFinancial Crisis Inquiry Commission (Washington, DC)
FCICFederal Crop Insurance Corporation
FCICFederal Consumer Information Center (now the Federal Citizen Information Center)
FCICFlorida Crime Information Center
FCICFurnished by Contractor, Installed by Contractor
FCICFederation of Consultants from Islamic Countries
FCICFederal Computer Investigations Committee
FCICFellow of the Chemical Institute of Canada
FCICFirstClass Intranet Client
FCICForeign Capital Investment Code (UK)
FCICFinancial Crime Intelligence Center
FCICFranciscan College of Immaculate Conception (Baybay, Island of Leyte, Philippines)
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In conjunction with the transaction, Pat Clemens has been appointed president and CEO of FCIC.
Warren's office said, "The senator's letter [to DOJ IG] provides details of the FCIC's referrals and the alleged misconduct by these nine individuals and 14 firms, and calls for an IG investigation of DOJ actions taken in response to the FCIC referrals.
Though the FCIC wasn't allowed to launch criminal investigations, it did make prosecutorial suggestions to the Department of Justice.
The 32nd CSC Annual General Meeting saw the unveiling of a five-year strategic plan by president Neil Burford, FCIC.
However, the FCIC documents discussed in this paper show that Fannie and Freddie knew these loans would be unprofitable and in some cases loss-producing.
In 2013 AEI released his book Bad History, Worse Policy as an initial response to the FCIC majority's findings.
The revised outlook for FCIC recognizes its favorable growth in capital, direct premiums and operating earnings in recent years.
That's partly due to the fact that the FCIC has allowed more corn acreage into production in recent years, widening the Corn Belt into nontraditional fringe states and giving farmers more confidence in their projected acreage production, says Bob Utterback, president and CEO of Utterback Marketing Services Inc.
According to National Crop Insurance Services (NCIS), an organization of national crop insurers, the FCIC is stabilizing and as a risk management solution, is largely successful.
Though The Financial Crisis Inquiry Report was a minor hit at the bookstore and received favorable reviews praising its approachable style, (24) the Report, and the work of the FCIC more broadly, has faced nearly universal criticism.
The FCIC was last year appointed by Congress to investigate the causes of the financial crisis.
The Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act of 2009 requires the FCIC to examine 22 specific areas related to the financial crisis, including fraud and abuse in the financial sector; accounting practices, such as mark-to-market and fair value; corporate governance; compensation; and tax treatment of financial products and investments.