FCITFlorida Center for Instructional Technology
FCITFaculty of Computing and Information Technology (various universities)
FCITFussball Club Industrie Turicum (Swiss fussball club)
FCITFellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport
FCITFellow of the Chartered Institute of Transport (Australia)
FCITFuture Concepts Information Technology (Australia)
FCITFlorida Counties Investment Trust
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18) The Florida taxpayer in this example would be required to file an amended FCIT return by March 31, 2014, to report the agreed to changes for (a) and (b) and pay the additional FCIT plus interest to the FDOR.
The Florida taxpayer timely filed an amended FCIT return with the FDOR on December 11, 2015, reporting the federal adjustment relating to the interest income and paid the additional FCIT and interest due in accordance with the requirements of F.
091(3), provides that the FDOR must assess additional FCIT within three years after "the date the tax is due, any return with respect to the tax is due, or such return is filed, whichever occurs later.
27) In such a case, the Florida taxpayer would be entitled to challenge the department's assessment of additional FCIT through informal and/or formal appeals processes.
23(2)(d) provides that if an IRS audit results in adjustments to items that would change the computation of a taxpayer's Florida taxable income, and that change results in an overpayment of FCIT, a taxpayer is entitled to file an amended FCIT return claiming a refund of the overpayment.
The Florida taxpayer would, therefore, be entitled to timely file an amended FCIT return with the FDOR reporting the federal adjustment relating to the increased depreciation deduction and requesting a refund of FCIT for that federal adjustment item.
Business entities that qualify as a corporation as defined in the FCIT may also be considered to be doing business within Florida.
He studies the definition and realizes that the definition seems to make sense, but then he decides to ask another lawyer that actually practices in FCIT.
Now that the lawyer determines the taxpayer's adjusted federal income, the lawyer needs to determine what portion of that income is subject to the FCIT.
After reviewing how the FCIT is computed, the taxpayer's lawyer prepares an example to see if he fully understands how the tax works.
The FCIT is based upon both federal and Florida law.
011, for additional activities which would subject a corporation to the FCIT.