FCLVFuture Command and Liaison Vehicle (UK military)
FCLVFootball Club Lespignan Vendres (French football club)
FCLVFerrari Club of Las Vegas (Las Vegas, NV)
FCLVFoyer Culture et Loisirs de Villemoustaussou (French recreation association)
FCLVFootball Club de Launay-Villiers (French football club)
FCLVFriends of Classic Las Vegas (Las Vegas, NV)
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Foss, armor and artillery specialist at Jane's International, said that the FCLV will have to be survivable against small arms, artillery fragments and anti-tank mines.
But she added: "The FCLV project remains at the design stage in Telford.
Trevor Harrison, managing director of Alvis Vickers, said: 'We are extremely pleased to have signed this contract for FCLV and I would like to register my thanks to both the MoD, DPA and my own team at Alvis Vickers for their hard work in bringing this programme to contract.
Plans for the FCLV and FRES systems were developed by the government after the abandonment of plans for a multi-role armoured vehicle or so-called 'battlefield taxi' in the mid1990s, for which Alvis would have been a major provider.
He added: "Winning FCLV is a demonstration of our competitiveness and our ability to provide cost-effective solutions to land system requirements".
Alvis Vickers - which employs 450 people at its Scotswood Road factory in Newcastle - is likely to build the FCLV at a plant in Telford, Shropshire, which specialises in small, light military vehicles.
When we made a presentation in Leeds while bidding for the right to build FCLV, 15 contractors came forward with quality proposals.
The contract to build the FCLV came as the Ministry Defence pulled the plug on a pan-European defence project - a move which could put up to 450 jobs at the Telford plant at risk.
Alvis signed a deal with Iveco Defence Vehicles - based in Bolzano, Italy - to produce the Multirole Light Vehicle as an FCLV contender.
Designed to carry five troops, the FCLV in both four and six-wheeled forms is expected to enter service with the Royal Armoured Corps, Infantry, Royal Artillery, Royal Engineers, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers and the RAF.
Managing director Trevor Harrison said recently: "For FCLV, the stage has passed where `best and final' offers have been submitted.
Alvis is expected to sign a contract for an initial 486 FCLVs for the Army shortly, an order which is set to bring in more than pounds 150m.