FCMTFootball Club Mahorais de Toulouse (French football club)
FCMTBekol Thomas (airport code; Congo)
FCMTFull Combat Mission Training
FCMTFamily Centre Massage Therapy (Canada)
FCMTFootball Club Municipal Villepinte (France)
FCMTFestival du Court Métrage de Témiscaming (Canadian film festival)
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The plant model within the FCMT is used to predict refrigeration or air conditioning cooling and heating capacity, and energy efficiency under given environmental conditions, such as box and ambient temperature.
The DLL file created from the MATLAB[R] based FCMT and a series of VBA macros were implemented with the Excel program for the energy calculation.
Raymond Theodora, Berend Pahlplatz, MD, FCMT (IBCMT), earned his MD from Maastricht University (the Netherlands).