FCNRForeign Currency Non-Resident (banking)
FCNRFinnish Council for Natural Resources (est. 1977)
FCNRFunctional Contrast-to-Noise Ratio
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i) The FCNR is derived from a local feature array rather than just using the pixel values, which overcome the drawback of overlearning problem in classical NR method.
An NRI can look at the opportunity to earn higher interest on FCNR and NRE deposits.
The interest rates for FCNR deposits made for longer term has been reduced more than the short term deposits.
In addition, recently RBI has provided a dispensation to banks that they will not have to maintain cash reserve ratio and statutory liquidity ratio for incremental FCNR (B) deposits.
Global Banking News-January 5, 2018--Indian Bank increases FCNR (B) rates
The NRE FD credit facility can either be obtained as a loan in the UAE against an existing NRE or FCNR (Foreign Currency Non-Repatriable) Fixed Deposit in Yes Bank in India, or as a loan to augment a fixed deposit in India, according to a statement.
The rupee declined in November and December which was also the time when the FCNR (B)outflows took place and the dollar simultaneously strengthened rapidly after Donald Trump was elected as President of USA.
He fixed the sliding rupee by introducing the FCNR (foreign currency non resident) deposits - where banks mobilised over $30 billion of dollar deposits from overseas markets.
Lastly, what may appear and perhaps reflect on the statement as an FCNR deposit has none of the features of a normal deposit.
Falcon Ridge Development is a publicly traded company, fully regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission, trading symbol: FCNR.
Global Banking News-January 5, 2018--India's Oriental Bank of Commerce increases interest on FCNR term deposits
FCNR Fixed Deposits are an investment option for Non Resident Indian's looking to retain their money in foreign currency and earn good returns on foreign currency earnings.