FCOMFacultad de Comunicación (Spanish: School of Communication)
FCOMFlight Crew Operating Manual
FCOMFlight Crew Operations Manual
FCOMFrancesco WarCry Oscuro Martigen (The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion IV mod)
FCOMFloat Compare (Intel X86 instruction)
FCOMFacilities Capital Cost of Money
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Focal's common stock is traded on the Nasdaq National Market under the symbol FCOM.
In the ongoing second phase of the project, the airline has stopped printing the traditional paper-based flight bags in preparation for experimental use of EFB devices and discontinuing the use of paper-based manuals such as FCOM, AOM, QRH, GOM and MEL, which have been a burden for pilots not only because of its heaviness but also because of the difficulty in obtaining desired information from thousands of documents and charts.
Con ocasion de esta efemerides, la FCOM de Navarra ha preparado un volumen de preciosa presentacion que pasa revista a los 50 anos transcurridos desde los comienzos de los cursos docentes regulares, en el mes de noviembre de 1958.