FCPEFédération des Conseils de Parents d'Elèves (French: Federation of Parents of Pupils; Paris, France)
FCPEFonds Canadien de Protection des Epargnants (French: Canadian Investor Protection Fund)
FCPEFonds Commun de Placement d'Entreprise (French)
FCPEFLIP Chart Production Environment
FCPEFlow Control Protocol Error (computing; Peripheral Component Interconnect)
FCPEFellow Certified Professional Estimator
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Voting rights: The voting rights associated with the shares will be exercised by the FCPE Supervisory Board and by the employees in case of direct shareholding.
Lock-up applicable to the corresponding FCPE units or the shares held directly: the employees participating in the offering shall hold the corresponding units of the FCPEs of the shares held directly for a five year period, except in the occurrence of an early exit event provided for in Article R.
Details of the investment formulas are described in the Information Brochure, the Subscription Mandate and the Key Investor Information Documents pertaining to the FCPEs provided to the beneficiaries of the Offer.