FCPIFlorida Center for Parent Involvement (US Department of Education)
FCPIFormation Conseil Prévention Incendie (French: Fire Prevention Training Council)
FCPIFertility Care Practitioner Intern (various locations)
FCPIFond Commun Placement Innovation (French: Common Innovation Investment Fund)
FCPIFlux Changes Per Inch
FCPIFluid Connector Products, Inc. (Portland, OR)
FCPIFibre Channel Over IP
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In Phase I of FCPI, the Federation and CFSI delivered tailored technical assistance to ten select nonprofit-credit union partnerships in seven target cities: Chicago, Illinois; Cleveland, Ohio; Durham, North Carolina; New Orleans, Louisiana; San Antonio, Texas; the San Francisco Bay Area, California; and St.
8) This study follows Choudhri and Hakura (2001) in extracting FCPI from REER and using NEER as proxy for exchange rate.
14) Following Choudhri and Hakura (2001), FCPI is extracted from Real Effective Exchange Rate (REER).
Table 3: CPI-Inflation: Output Gap Based on Deterministic Time Trend Country BCPI FCPI [DELTA]q y NZ 0.
As opposed to investments in other types of funds, an investment in a FCPI is generally blocked for at least five years and sometimes for the whole lifespan of the fund (between 7 and 10 years).
Consequently, the performance of a FCPI will depend on the investment strategy both in the innovative firms (what proportion of assets should be consecrated and the choice of company) and also on the remainder of the assets.
08 Number of data 127 127 Table 2 Comparison between FCPI and USA funds FCPI USA Funds No.
To examine the exchange rate pass-through to consumer prices, we estimate the effect of ER on CPI, using FCPI as the control variable.
The effect of such a change on consumer prices would operate via FCPI.