FCSCForeign Claims Settlement Commission
FCSCFootball Club de Saint Corneille (French football club)
FCSCFrançais Complet Signé Codé (French; Complete French Signed Coded; deafness)
FCSCFootball Club Saint-Claude (French football club)
FCSCFujitsu Computer Systems Corporation
FCSCFootball Club de Saulon Corcelles (French football club)
FCSCFederal Civil Service Commission (Nigeria)
FCSCFederal Conversion Support Center
FCSCFellow Construction Specifications Canada
FCSCFleet Command Support Center
FCSCFairchild Communications Services Company
FCSCFire Control Systems Coordinator
FCSCFire Control System Coordinator
FCSCFuture Combat Systems Communications
FCSCFlint Civil Service Commission (Flint, Michigan)
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While some approaches to regenerating injured tissue require growth factors or biomaterials for the cells to grow on, she noted, the FCSCs grew and matured spontaneously.
By focusing his analysis of the problems in the Federal Civil Service on the atrocities perpetrated by the FCSC between 2001 and 2011, the author would appear to have given an impression that the post-2011 FCSC had overcome the integrity deficit that gave rise to all the identified manifestations of corruption that bedeviled the Federal Civil Service which constituted the subject of his publication.
1910 indicating the number of FCSC units to be held short for every one unit of FDIBL held long.
223) Today, the FCSC hears a wide variety of claims, including claims for physical injury, property damage, expropriated oil, commercial losses, captured military personnel, and state-sponsored terrorism.
In its examination of the Cuban expropriation claims, the FCSC determined that simple interest at a 6% rate should be included as part of the value of the claims it certified.
For discussions of limitations on federal jurisdiction, see generally FCSC REPORT, supra note 22, at 35-53; JUD.
The FCSC, however; said failure to include criminal cases involving family members will not preclude a circuit or county from establishing a domestic violence court with criminal jurisdiction as part of a family division or separate from, but coordinated with, the family division.
The FCSC international shareholders include Al Ahlia Portfolio Securities, Oman through Gulf Commercial Bank and John Govett & Company, UK.
Tamargo, 52, told CubaNews that "it has been a distinct honor and privilege to serve the American people as an impartial judge of their claims against foreign governments" at the FCSC.
CTCC averages $8,640 annually, FCSC averages $6,000 annually, and FRDC averages $57,000 annually.
The FCSC also warned potential investors in Ashby's enterprise that federal law prohibits a new owner from being compensated for more than what was paid for the claim should there ever be a settlement between the United States and Cuba.