FCSEFormation Continue et Services aux Entreprises (French: Continuing Education and Business Services; Canada)
FCSEFoundation Certificate of Secondary Education (UK)
FCSEFast Context Switch Extension (Linux)
FCSEFonderies Contrôles Systèmes et Équipements (French: Foundries Controls Systems & Equipment)
FCSEFamily Consumer Science Education (university coursework)
FCSEFunctional Coatings and Surface Engineering (symposium)
FCSEFortinet Certified System Engineer
FCSEFrequency Control Symposium and Exhibition
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The FCSE administration considers the following when generating class schedules:
In this university, tenure means that a particular teacher/professor is a permanent member of the FCSE.
It has never been possible to generate an adequate allocation schedule in the FCSE which satisfies all the considerations defined in the allocation problem.
In addition, there is an attempt to utilize the resources of the FCSE more efficiently, which in turn promotes student achievement.
Given the above, the model of the FCSE begins with a feasible partial solution, because the allocation of [T.
Symbolic Representation of the Problem Instance for the FCSE.
The scheduling of events for a classroom should utilize one of the 90 time slots available, so there is a 2D array for each of the 41 classrooms (including laboratories) available in the FCSE.
The two dimensions observed are made up of days d and periods of time p in which the FCSE works.
Table 2 shows an example of an event map for a classroom that includes the variables in the FCSE case with 6 days (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday), 15 periods (p = 1 to p = 15), and the assignment of 18 events corresponding to eight subjects identified with ID (15, 29, 49, 50, 120, 212, 332, and 335).
To allocate the total set of FCSE events E in slots available t in the 3D matrix, all of the hard constraints are satisfied.
Upon characterizing the variables of the case study FCSE, there are 6 days (M, TU, W, TH, F, and SA), 15 periods (Period 1 to Period 15), and 41 classrooms (r = 1 to r = 41).
The parameter values for the instance of the FCSE problem are defined according to a scheduling assignment by the FCSE administration.