FCSMFederal Committee on Statistical Methodology
FCSMFootball Club Sochaux Montbéliard
FCSMFootball Club Spartak Moscow (Russia)
FCSMFellow of the Cambridge Society of Musicians
FCSMFrame Cell Switching Module (XYLAN)
FCSMFiber Channel Switching Module (Cisco)
FCSMFleet Cryptologic Systems Maintenance (US Navy)
FCSMFarnborough and Camberley School of Motoring (UK driving school)
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The dry matter (DM) content of SBM, CSM and FCSM was analyzed by drying the samples at 105[degrees]C for 5 h, Ash by incineration at 550[degrees]C for 24 h in a muffle furnace, crude protein (CP) by a kjeldahl method multiplying by a factor of 6.
Pen was used as the experimental unit and the results are expressed as means and calculated for linear and quadratic effects of graded levels of FCSM added.
Comparatively, FCSM contained higher levels of ash (65.
At 21 d of age, the concentration of IgM of birds fed 8% FCSM was higher (p < 0.
The main findings of current study showed that FCSM had lower contents of free gossypol, ether extract, crude fiber and arginine whereas other nutrient compositions increased.
The inclusion of CSM in feeds for birds has been studied for decades; however, little research has been conducted to evaluate the effects of FCSM in poultry.
In the current study, broilers fed 4% and 8% FCSM had a significant increase in IgM at 21 days of age compared with the birds fed SBM.
In the current study, supplement of 8% FCSM could raise the serum C3 and C4 levels in broilers, suggesting that appropriate levels of FCSM may improve the immune function in certain content.
As a result, broilers fed FCSM had similar growth performance to the birds fed SBM by up to 12%.
Delivery of leveling manhole covers NA600 nominal size Begum structure fedlaptEinyerral in quantities of 100 pieces FCSM Zrt.
Delivery NA600 nominal size cast-iron manhole covers in quantities of 500 pieces FCSM Zrt.
Delivery NA500 nominal size cast-iron manhole covers in the amount of 200 FCSM Zrt.