FCSOFirst Coast Service Options, Inc. (Medicare administrator)
FCSOFranklin County Senior Options (Ohio)
FCSOForum of Civil Society Organisations
FCSOForsyth County Sheriff's Office (Winston-Salem, NC)
FCSOFort Collins Symphony Orchestra
FCSOFranklin County Sheriff's Office (various locations)
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On the FCSO, see Travis Kroeker, Christian Ethics and Political Economy in North America: A Critical Analysis (Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press, 1995), 45-90; Roger Hutchinson, The Fellowship for a Christian Social Order: A Social Ethical Analysis of a Christian Socialist Movement (Toronto: Toronto School of Theology, 1975).
Prime Fitness engagement specialists will work closely with Novitas and FCSO employees to create strategic, tailored campaigns that encourage ongoing participation in their programs.
FCSO also retired its local coverage determination ("LCD") for Hospital Outpatient Department and Ambulatory Surgery Center Setting - Part A Coverage, effective January 1, 2014.
A member of the FCSO and LSR, he ran as a CCF candidate in Montreal's Mount Royal constituency in the 1940 federal election.
FCSO administers both the Medicare Part A fiscal intermediary and the Medicare Part B carrier contract for the state of Florida, serving more than two million Medicare beneficiaries, and recently took over the administration of the Medicare Part B program in Connecticut.
FCSO is the Medicare carrier for Florida, Puerto Rico and the U.
FCSO hired 13 people from the Columbus area to staff the new Columbus office.
Under this expanded arrangement, FCSO will use the Burgess software solution to resolve reimbursement disputes between health care providers and organizations that offer Medicare Advantage plans such as HMOs and PPOs.
With these initial implementations, FCSO will be responsible for processing Florida Medicare Part A and B claims and performing other claim-related administrative services.
Under this contract, which will be fully operational by January 2009, FCSO will adjudicate second-level appeals related to services provided by Private Fee for Service (PFFS) plans that participate in CMS' Medicare Advantage program.
FCSO submitted a proposal for this scope of work in November 2007 following the release of CMS' Request for Proposals.
As a subcontractor to Palmetto, FCSO will perform provider audit, reimbursement and enrollment functions in the jurisdiction.