FCTHFundação Centro Technológico de Hidráulica (Portuguese: Hydraulics Technology Foundation Center; Brazil)
FCTHFederação Catarinense de Texas Hold'Em (Portuguese; Catarinense Texas Hold'Em Federation; Brazil; cards)
FCTHFellowship of Christian Teaching Homes (Panama City, FL)
FCTHFinn Connection Trade House (Kuopio, Finland)
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The auxiliary variables P1 and P2 have been introduced to substitute these expressions and FCTH to hold the function result.
Substitution of a function call without expressions within the argument list (X, Y, Z, P1, P2, and FCTH are active variables).
hypothetical code adjoint hypothetical code P1 = X**2 P1 = X**2 P2 = 4*Y P2 = 4*Y FCTH = FCT( P1, P2 ) FCTH = FCT( P1, P2 ) Z = 4*X + Y*FCTH ADX = ADX + ADZ*4 ADY = ADY + ADZ*FCTH ADFCTH = ADFCTH + ADZ*Y ADZ = 0.