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Concluimos que la quimioterapia antineoplasica con lomustina no fue eficaz en este caso de FCTL debido a la progresion de la enfermedad.
Feline cutaneous lymphoma has been described as non-epitheliotropic and predominantly of T-cell origin; however, descriptions of FCTL suggest that this form is non-epitheliotropic, high-grade and of B-cell origin in the majority of cases (24).
The aim of this study was to report the first case of FCTL in Brazil and to describe the clinical signs, diagnostic procedure and therapeutic effect using lomustine and prednisolone of this rare and aggressive form of cutaneous lymphoma in cats.
These findings are in agreement with the study by Burr et al (4), in which the majority of FCTL was classified as high-grade and of B-cell origin.
We concluded that antineoplastic chemotherapy with lomustine was not effective in this case of FCTL due to disease progression.
Medial aspect of right hind limb of a 13-years-old, male, Domestic Longhair cat with FCTL.
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