FCTSFranklin County Technical School (Turners Falls, MA)
FCTSFlorida Center for Theological Studies (Miami, Florida)
FCTSFlight Crew Training System (USAF JSTARS)
FCTSFire Controller Targeting System
FCTSFire Claim Training Series (insurance)
FCTSFamilial Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
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There they work through two software systems designed to improve vocational math skills: Ruler and Shopmath, both created in 1991 by instructor Chet Chin of FCTS.
Our participation in the FCTS program allows their trainees to get hands-on experience with one of the most advanced and efficient data-sharing systems in use today.
The FCTS program runs four full days, covering the GJXDM standards as well as a complete review of the system architecture, data schema, and mapping facility necessary for fast, efficient data exchange development.