FCTecFuel Cell Test and Evaluation Center (US DoD)
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FCTec is a national resource facility for the independent, unbiased testing and validation of fuel cell systems and components for both military and commercial applications.
We are pleased to be working with Concurrent Technologies and FCTec to deliver this technology to the U.
Millennium Cell is excited to join in this effort with Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC), operator of FCTec, to enhance U.
We believe that the use of the heat output from the power plant for air conditioning and other uses adds further to the overall value equation presented by our DFC power plants, and we look forward to testing and evaluating the results at FCTec.
Through ERDC-CERL funding, FCTec will provide heat recovery equipment and mobilization costs as well as all material and utilities, including fuel and water, for the operation and maintenance of the power plant.
The FCTec's mission is to significantly accelerate the development and commercialization of fuel cell power systems for military and commercial applications, and this new project between FuelCell Energy and FCTec will contribute to our ongoing Fuel Cell Demonstration Projects," said Dr.