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FCVForest City Velodrome (Waterloo, ON, Canada)
FCVFalse Creek Ventures Ltd (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
FCVFlat Channel Vector
FCVField Contact Voltage
FCVFailure Count - VT1 (Telabs)
FCVFull Cost Visibility
FCVFellow of the College of Violinists
FCVFootbal Club Vaduz (Vaduz, Liechtenstein)
FCVFootball Club Villargondran (French football club; Villargondran, France)
FCVFree Call Value (cellular service)
FCVFall Creek Valley (Indianapolis, IN)
FCVFuel Cell Vehicle
FCVForward Command Vehicle
FCVFlow Control Valve
FCVFuel Control Valve
FCVFull Contract Value
FCVFeline Calicivirus
FCVForced Vital Capacity (spirometry)
FCVFugro Core Vehicle (Fugro Subsea Services Ltd.)
FCVFull Cash Value
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Mitsubishi noted that it can now begin putting the FCV through a verification testing program under actual driving conditions on public roads, which will produce primary data on the vehicle's on-road, environmental and safety performance.
The Ford Focus FCV showcases the company's continuing effort toward production of full performance fuel cell vehicles.
For the Ford Focus FCV, Enova's module transfers power between the fuel cell, the drive system and the battery and assists in energy recovery during regenerative braking.
Hobson, president and CEO of FCV, "Demand in the greater Ohio marketplace is only going to increase over the years as baby boomers retire.
According to Automotive News report, Toyota hopes to sell between 5000 and 10,000 units of production version of the FCV in 2015.
These R&D programmes and trials have assisted OEMs in achieving substantial reductions in costs and improvements in performance, reliability and durability, to the point where several OEMs have made a commitment to launch commercial FCV production in 2015.
9 mile) course was consistently wet Eickholt was thoroughly impressed with the X-Trail FCV which clocked in at 11:58 minutes.
Accompanying the advanced-technology FCV will be Ford Focus Flexifuel cars, representing low-carbon models that are on sale now.
Despite its compact size, the new stack has a power generation capacity of 90kW, an improvement of more than 40 per cent compared with the 2003 stack, giving the all-new FCV a top speed of 150 km/h (93mph).
Based on the Japanese market X-Trail, the Fuel Cell Vehicle is powered by a Nissan-developed fuel cell stack that is about 60 per cent smaller compared to that on the 2003 FCV model.
Among its achievements is a manual for first responders to the scene of FCV accidents that addresses how to deal with hydrogen tanks in wrecked vehicles.
Ford's FCV, based on the Focus, has a range of 200 miles and will be entering test fleets in Europe and California in 2004; it is slated to reach the public by 2008.