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FCVForest City Velodrome (Waterloo, ON, Canada)
FCVFalse Creek Ventures Ltd (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
FCVFlat Channel Vector
FCVField Contact Voltage
FCVFailure Count - VT1 (Telabs)
FCVFull Cost Visibility
FCVFellow of the College of Violinists
FCVFootbal Club Vaduz (Vaduz, Liechtenstein)
FCVFootball Club Villargondran (French football club; Villargondran, France)
FCVFree Call Value (cellular service)
FCVFall Creek Valley (Indianapolis, IN)
FCVFuel Cell Vehicle
FCVForward Command Vehicle
FCVFlow Control Valve
FCVFuel Control Valve
FCVFull Contract Value
FCVFeline Calicivirus
FCVForced Vital Capacity (spirometry)
FCVFugro Core Vehicle (Fugro Subsea Services Ltd.)
FCVFull Cash Value
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To tackle the key issues raised during the beginning stage of FCV promotion, JHyM will ensure that infrastructure developers, automakers, and investors each do their part to support the successful strategic deployment of hydrogen stations in Japan, promoting effective operation, and facilitating a positive cycle of improved convenience for FCV users.
Range has increased to 370 miles, 105 more than the Tucson FCV.
Because the fuel tank in the FCV is large, the pressure increase due to start-up fueling is comparatively small, and can be absorbed within the tolerances for pressure control.
Hyundai's Tucson FCV trails the pack at 49 mpg and 265 mpg--a next-generation model due in 2020 is expected to cover 350 miles per hydrogen tank.
Prestigio al cual nuestra Revista Cientifica ha aportado un gran peso, pues, como sabemos es la RCV una vitrina internacional que nos ha permitido mostrarle al mundo nuestra produccion cientifica, asi como a los investigadores de todas las latitudes dar a conocer sus resultados investigativos de gran impacto, todo ello producto de la visibilidad internacional de la cual goza hoy en dia nuestra revista y que sin lugar a dudas fue un factor importante en lograr la acreditacion internacional de la FCV en el Mercosur.
Furthermore, FeHV-1 was isolated from single infections or co-infections with FCV in 26 of 302 samples from the cat population of RS.
Ellis said that by the end of this year enough hydrogen fueling stations would exist in Southern California to justify production of the FCV.
Experts here said that with the improving technology and decreasing costs, FCV will become the real green vehicle that could help address energy shortages and pollution that trouble many countries.
FCV accounts for nearly half of infectious feline upper respiratory tract diseases, and most cats are exposed to the virus at some point, usually as kittens.
Toyota also has announced that the FCV will go on sale in the Japan domestic market before April 2015, and then summer 2015 in Europe and the state of California.
The latest FCV which made its first appearance at the recently concluded 2013 Tokyo Motor Show is expected to go into production in 2015.
These R&D programmes and trials have assisted OEMs in achieving substantial reductions in costs and improvements in performance, reliability and durability, to the point where several OEMs have made a commitment to launch commercial FCV production in 2015.