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FCZFishery Conservation Zone
FCZFantatriathlon Community Zone (Italy)
FCZFerblantier Couvreur Zingueur (French roofing company)
FCZFootball Club de Zuydcoote (French: Zuydcoote Football Club; Zuydcoote, France)
FCZForward Combat Zone
FCZFussball Club Zurich
FCZFussball Club Zurich (Soccer Team Zurich)
FCZFiring Cutout Zone
FCZFuture Control Zone
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When all Candida species were examined, FCZ resistance was found with a rate of 7.
tropicalis isolates (n=6) for which antifungal resistance was studied were susceptible to FCZ, AMB (n=6), caspofungin (n=5), voriconazole (n=5), ketaconazole (n=1), FLU (n=1), and anidulafungin (n=2).
3%) was found susceptible to FCZ in a dose-dependent manner.
It was reported that previous FCZ treatment was an independent risk factor for candidemias, which are resistant to FCZ (17).
OPC is a common infection caused for different Candida spp in immunocompromised patients usually wearing dentures, being FCZ, ICZ or AMB the antifungal drugs of choice for its treatment (Mang et al.
In addition, [alpha]-T could constitute a promising treatment to overcome the problems of antifungal resistance, since it showed effectiveness not only against sensitive but also resistant Candida strains to FCZ or ITZ, two drugs of choice for the treatment of OPC.
krusefi (b) ATCC 6258 Antifungal drugs AMB FCZ ICZ Candida spp MIC int MIC int MIC int C.
The minimum inhibitory concentrations (MICs) were defined as the lowest drug concentration able to inhibit 50% (for FCZ, ITZ, and CAS) or 100% (for AMB and FK506) of fungal growth when compared to the growth of the control.
15,16) However, our results demonstrated that combinations of FCZ or ITZ with FK506 produced interactions mainly indifferent emphasizing a lack of effect against FS and FR T.
of lung cancer deaths Dose-response attributable to indoor radon relationships Mean [+ or -] SD UI (90%) (a) Mode Studies of miners EAD (b) 2,066 [+ or -] 82 1,934-2,203 2,001 EAC (c) 2,913 [+ or -] 92 2,763-3,067 2,834 FCZ (d) 3,108 [+ or -] 68 2,996-3,221 3,028 Indoor studies Lubin1 (e) 543 [+ or -] 314 75-1,097 485 Lubin25 (f) 2,642 [+ or -] 1,396 518-5,121 2,982 Darby 1,234 [+ or -] 492 593-2,156 995 No.
The Minister of Finance may designate any suitable area as an FIZ or FCZ.