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FDDFloppy Disk Drive
FDDFrequency Division Duplex
FDDFranchise Disclosure Document
FDDFeature-Driven Development
FDDFeature-Driven Development (software development methodology)
FDDForum for Democracy and Development (Zambia)
FDDFoundation for the Defense of Democracies
FDDFunctional Decomposition Diagram
FDDFonds pour le Développement Durable (French: Sustainable Development Fund; Switzerland)
FDDFaculté de Droit (French: Law School; Togo)
FDDFlexible Disk Drive
FDDFinancial Due Diligence
FDDForces for the Defense of Democracy (Burundi)
FDDFixed Disk Drive
FDDFrequency Diversity Duplex
FDDFluorescent Differential Display
FDDFault Detection and Diagnosis
FDDFonds de Dotation (French: Endowment Fund)
FDDFaune et Développement Durable (French: Wildlife and Sustainable Development; EU)
FDDFather Daughter Dance
FDDFunctional Design Document
FDDFocused District Development (NATO)
FDDFull Deployment Decision
FDDFood Distribution Division (USDA)
FDDFamilial Danish Dementia
FDDFinal Delivery Date
FDDFault Detection Diagnostic
FDDFirst Digitized Division
FDDFreight, Demurrage and Defense (also seen as FD&D; shipping industry)
FDDFerrari Démolition Désamiantage (French demolition company)
FDDFrequency of Drinking Days
FDDFreezing Degree Days
FDDFixed Date Departure (travel)
FDDForce Design Division
FDDFire Department Directory
FDDFunctional Decision Diagram
FDDFaçades Dallages et Déco (French building renovation company)
FDDFirst Dollar Defense (insurance)
FDDFirst Due Date
FDDFormation Diplômante Dérogatoire (French: Derogatory Diploma Course)
FDDForce Design Directorate
FDDFunctional Description Document
FDDFacility Design Description
FDDForeign Documents Division
FDDFinancial Data Disseminator
FDDForce Design and Development
FDDFunctional Decomposition Design
FDDFarm Ditch Density
FDDFormal Domain Definition
FDDFlexible Delivery Development (Sprint)
FDDFloating Digital Drive
FDDFamily Double Dare (TV show)
FDDFábrica do Design
FDDFilthy Difiler Disgrace
FDDFisheries Development Department
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Stressing that the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) has rejected most of the allegations and blames outsiders "including Israel and followers of the Pennsylvania-based Islamist leader Fethullah GE-len for a treacherous plot," the FDD report said, "Rather than addressing the charges, the AKP [AK Party] has purged the investigators, prosecutors, and journalists involved, threatening the rule of law in Turkey.
The online FDD tool is probably one of the first EMCS tools to diagnose the VAV terminal faults in a commercial building.
Nawaz, who contributed a chapter to a recent FDD book on Afghanistan and Pakistan, said tensions revolved around Iran's collaboration with Pakistan's arch rival India on a road from Afghanistan that runs through Iran to the coast--cutting out Pakistan as a trade route--and the Sunni militant group Jundallah, which Iran alleges is supported by he US and seeks refuge in Pakistan.
One of these was used to calibrate the FDD methods, while all four test sets were then used during the FDD evaluation phase to tune the fault-detection thresholds to pre-selected false alarm rates.
The objective of this paper is to propose and demonstrate a simple model-based FDD method for medium-to-large chillers that uses available sensors, allows tuning of specific thresholds so as to attain the desired compromise between robustness (i.
Ericssons FDD massive MIMO solution will play an instrumental part in providing our customers in dense urban environments with the enhanced user experiences they have come to expect from SmarTone.
Generally FDD works by measuring a subset of temperatures, pressures, and humidity levels in several stages of the HVAC system.
Franchise systems tend to think that once an FDD is completed and timely disclosed, it becomes a non-issue in the sales process.
With respect to economic issues, FDD systems should incorporate economic performance degradation as one criterion to assess fault severity and justify fault service as part of the FDD technique.