FDDAFour-Dimensional Data Assimilation
FDDAFast Dynamic Data Authentication (payment security)
FDDAFrédéric Debarge Distribution Automatique (French vending company)
FDDAFlorida Detroit Diesel-Allison, Inc.
FDDAFonds Dynamique de Développement Agricole (French: Dynamic Agricultural Development Funds)
FDDAFramework for the Demonstration of Distributed Algorithms
FDDAFlorida Directional Drilling Association
FDDAFremantle and Districts Dart Association
FDDAFoothills District Dietetic Association (North Carolina)
FDDAFixed Disk and Diskette Adapter
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BIR lawyers added that the FDDA was received by Pacquiao's chief-of-staff and brother-in-law Erwin Jamora when tax fraud investigators went to Pacquiao's congressional office at the Batasan Pambansa on May 20, 2013 to serve it.
They said Pacquiao was aware of the FDDA because one of Jamora's functions was to inform the solon of communication received by him.
The tax court stated in its January resolution that the FDDA was not yet final and executory because the BIR was not able to establish that Jamora was the duly authorized representative of Pacquiao.
Citing a portion of the SC decision, the tax court said, "the denial by the BIR commissioner of the respondent's application for tax amnesty on the basis of the finality of the FDDA.
An FDDA gives a taxpayer an opportunity to question the BIR's final decision.