FDDSFlag Data Display System
FDDSFederal Disability Determination Services (Social Security)
FDDSFifth District Dental Society (Syracuse, NY)
FDDSForward Deployable Diagnostic System
FDDSFlag Display Distribution System
FDDSFlag Data Distribution System
FDDSFirst Data Debit Services (First Data Resources)
FDDSFrequency-Dependent Decomposition Scheme
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Featuring unique technology the FDDS - a processor based device - can identify levels of dust that can cause explosive hazards whilst also having the ability to validate the protection of non-zoned areas.
One of the key benefits of the FDDS for our customers is it requires little or no maintenance - a feature that really appeals to them in terms of cost efficiency and resourcing.
The effervescent FDDS is a promising approach to achieve in vitro buoyancy by using gel forming polymers HPMC K15M, HPMC K 100M, Metalose 90SH, PEO 301 and PEO WSR Coagulant in low concentration by employing sodium bicarbonate as gas generating agent.
Service Cost Savings, $/Kw year Items SC Real Service Cost Savings PMISCS PS FDDS MSS [SCS.