FDEPFlorida Department of Environmental Protection
FDEPFunctional Dependency
FDEPFondation pour le Développement de l'Education Permanente (French: Foundation for the Development of Continuing Education; Switzerland)
FDEPFlight Data Entry Panel
FDEPFunctional Dependency Gate
FDEPFederal Department of Environmental Protection
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FDEPFlight Data Entry & Printout
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More importantly, the effort to arrive at a definition will be led under the central authority of the FDEP since water management districts differently interpret what constitutes "harm.
The Airport Authority said that it is working with FDEP to reinvest the fine in further environmental improvements at the new airport.
The FDEP requested that the county perform water quality sampling to these wells to get conditional approval for the Lake Sherwood drainage well replacement.
Despite those early assurances that containment of the wastes would be no problem, EPA and FDEP monitoring tests have shown the UIC waste is migrating into aquifers used for drinking water.
FDEP, independent of FWS, then developed its own plan to address deficiencies in the FWS plan.
The number of fish released during these studies (10,285) is comparable to the number released in eastern Florida during the 1970's FDEP study (10,120).
EPA is currently working with FDEP, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), and USACE to develop and implement debris management strategies and operations.
Shortly after the statute became effective, FDEP commenced what was to become a lengthy and contentious rulemaking process designed to implement the provisions of the Global RBCA statute.
The FDEP makes decisions as to any other notifications that are needed for the specific incident.
Recycling advocates had been concerned that the FDEP was relying on generic assumptions in calculating soil guidelines that have resulted in very low values for arsenic, similar to natural background levels in the state.
Permit applications submitted by CarlanKillam to both the ACOE and FDEP required adjusting the design to clearly demonstrate the minimal environmental impact on the wetlands.
In 1995, the FDEP required all phosphate fertilizer producers to install vinyl lining under new gypsum stacks to prevent contaminants from leaching into the already polluted local aquifers.