FDKFull-Day Kindergarten (early childhood education)
FDKFrederick, MD (airport code)
FDKFederated Simulations Development Kit
FDKFrame Developer'S Kit
FDKfrom Data to Knowledge
FDKFamilienbund der Katholiken (German: Catholic Family Federation; Germany)
FDKFuji Denki Kagaku (Japan)
FDKFont Development Kit
FDKFrom Data to Knowledge (University of Helsinki)
FDKFunction Display Key
FDKFrequency Difference Keying
FDKFast Data Keys (Madagascar)
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Pentek's Navigator[R] Design Suite consists of two components: Navigator FDK (FPGA Design Kit) for integrating custom IP into Pentek sourced designs and Navigator BSP (Board Support Package) for creating host software applications.
FDK designs and manufactures a comprehensive line of electronic components and batteries.
Today many manufacturers -- including FDK America Inc.
The new joint-venture company, 51% owned by FDK, 49% by Asahi Kasei, will play a leadership role in the LIC market, which is expected to grow to over JPY 100 billion from 2015 onward.
another unit that makes cylindrical lithium batteries, will also be sold to FDK.
Traffic jams are common at FDK on severe clear weekend days, but most of the time everyone manages to play together nicely.
The comparative study was a result of the authors collecting quantitative data in the form of scores on a state achievement test (ISTEP+) and qualitative data in the form of semi-structured interviews with Title I FDK teachers.
Several studies have also examined the effect of tillage practice on FHB or FDK, including DON levels (Champeil et al.
Toyo Takasago, with a workforce of around 180, will cut 90 jobs involved in production of dry cells through an early retirement program and transfer some to FDK Energy.