FDLRForces for the Democratic Liberation of Rwanda (rebel group)
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Through analysis of the ethnographic data, I discovered that most FDLR members regarded themselves as victims, but at the same time they believed that they were fighting for a good cause.
Wide shot, delegation meeting FDLR ex-combatants members in the DDRRR camp
The FDLR has been hiding in villages like Kigogo for two decades and terrorizing them, too.
Unlike some other forces in the region, M23 also has a relatively clear ideology - one which is broadly based on ideas of social justice with calls for improved administration in the eastern DRC, the removal of the anti-Rwandan FDLR rebels, and an end to discrimination against the Rwandaphone community.
We urge the rank and file of both the M23 and the FDLR to defect and demobilize in order to disassociate themselves from the sanctioned groups.
The next major campaign, Umoja Wetu, was a month-long attempt to dislodge the FDLR from their stronghold in Masisi Territory, particularly around Nyabiondo and Pinga.
Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, that the FDLR is taking advantage of the current unrest.
The two countries were directly and indirectly at war, with Rwanda using local rebel proxies to fight some of its battles, while Congo armed, trained and supported the Hutu genocidaires, who, for simplicity, can be grouped into the FDLR rebels.
Contents Recent Developments Background: The Crisis in DRC Regional Issues: Background and Recent Agreements Political Developments Bemba and the Movement for the Liberation of Congo (MLC) Security Conditions in Eastern Congo Rwanda, DRC, and the CNDP Armed Groups Active in DRC Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) The National Congress for the Defense of the People (CNDP) The Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) Mai Mai Militia The Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) The Arrest of FDLR Executive Secretary and a Senior Rwandan Official Joint Military Operations Umoja Wetu Operation Kimia II Amani Leo (Peace Today) MONUSCO MONUC: Overview The Role of MONUC in the Current Crisis MONUC: Human Rights Concerns Human Rights Conditions Economic Conditions U.
and join with the Congolese military in a concerted effort to eliminate the FDLR once and for all.
Martin Ngoga said on Tuesday that Paul Rusesabagina, whose actions are depicted in the Oscar-nominated film Hotel Rwanda, had helped finance what he described as terrorist activities in Rwanda by helping fund commanders with the FDLR, or Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda.