FDNFForward Deployed Naval Forces
FDNFFrères de Nos Frères (French: Brothers of Our Brothers; Switzerland)
FDNFFrancis Degaulle Njie Foundation (Gambia)
FDNFFederal Democratic National Forum (Nepal political group)
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There are also unique operational demands and deployment certification of FDNF ships compared to U.
Half of these ships are based in the region under the FDNF construct, including the aircraft carrier USS George Washington, nine cruisers and destroyers, four amphibious ships, and three SSNs.
Over the next 4 years, we plan to move four DDGs with ballistic missile defense (BMD) capability to an existing facility at Rota, Spain, under the FDNF model.
FDNF ships USS Curtis Wilbur (DDG 54), USS Lassen (DDG 82) and USS Shiloh (CG 67) were the first U.
Whether you do four or 30 years, coming to FDNF is a rewarding experience you'll cherish for the rest of your life.
For the Sailor, part of understanding the bigger picture is embracing their unique role within FDNF.
Cross-training is even more important as FDNF ships do not work on a traditional cycle of work-ups, deployment and maintenance, but need to maintain a high state of readiness at all times.
FDNF ships operate in the entire breadth of C7F's Area of Responsibility (AOR) to engage in Theater Security Cooperation (TSC), conduct and participate in multilateral/multinational exercises, missions, training, and/or simply to show the flag to deter any potential adversaries and assure our allies of our commitments to regional security and stability.
But, with revision to the 7th Fleet OPORD 201 to instill rigor in the Joint Fleet Maintenance Manual (JFMM) mandated regularly scheduled XAZ CMAV execution in FY13, the ratio significantly improved to 63 to 37 percent; doubling FDNF XAZ CMAVs from 20 in 2012 to 41 in 2013.
Even day to day operational support carries additional challenges that must be overcome in FDNF.
Most Sailors do not understand how demanding life is aboard a FDNF ship," explained Lt.
Having earned a sub specialty in operational logistics while supporting the FDNF for two and a half years at Fleet and Industrial Supply Center Yokosuka, I was looking forward to going operational immediately, and using my experience as a shore side supporter, to ensure my customers on board received the best possible support from those shore side logistics stakeholders.