FDNSFraud Detection and National Security
FDNSFront de Défense des Non-Syndiqué-es (French: Front for the Defence of Non-Unionized Workers; Canada)
FDNSFinite-Difference Navier Stokes (code)
FDNSFighting Dems News Service
FDNSFast Domain Name Service (computing)
FDNSFrontul Democrat al Salvarii Nationale (Romanian: Democratic National Salvation Front)
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42) FDNS is charged with "detecting and removing known and
effectuate its mission, FDNS regularly subjects alien petitioners to
One area in which FDNS utilizes site or home visits is the marriage
estimated that in 90 percent of his cases in which FDNS was involved,
visits, FDNS conducted an ex parte interview with the represented
the legality of the actions taken by USCIS and FDNS.
54) Of special relevance to the investigations by FDNS is Model Rule
legality of the conduct of FDNS (62) and therefore have or should have
actual knowledge of the activities of FDNS, (63) the Model Rules would
likely hold OCC and OGC lawyers liable if home visits by FDNS are
lawyers might argue that because FDNS is the agency contacting and
applicants FDNS talks to or whether those persons are represented.