FDOHFlorida Department of Health
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Based on the surveillance case definition (2), FDOH determined that sulfuryl fluoride exposure was the most likely cause of illness among these five family members.
Following manufacturers' instructions, all genomic DNA extractions were either performed using the Epicentre (Qiagen Inc, Madison, WI) extraction kits, a MagNaPure Compact automated instrument (Roche, Inc, Indianapolis, IN, USA), or a boil preparation method used by FDOH.
Subsequently, in 2010, the FDOH tested 195 serum samples by real-time RT-PCR.
Because the clinical features of dengue are often nonspecific, transmission was likely ongoing before the index case-patient's condition was diagnosed and FDOH was notified.
At FDOH, the deputy for Statewide Services emphasizes that "organizational culture trumps strategy every time.
Initial testing at FDOH laboratories of a serum specimen collected April 13 detected IgM antibodies against both dengue and West Nile virus.
On October 3 through the employer, on October 8 through press releases and media briefings, and on October 8-10, 13, 17, and 19 through information bulletins, we asked workplace-exposed persons and medical personnel caring for them to report influenzalike illness or skin lesions to the FDOH.
FDOH currently promotes public awareness of the risk of PAM using a variety of methods prior to the summer swim season.
Currently, the state is allowed only to collect aggregated numbers of students and prevalence for each BMI category by grade and county; aggregated data are reported annually to FSHSP as required by FDOH policy.
However, all three date fields were not required for a final case report to be submitted through Merlin to FDOH.