FDOSFirst Day of Service
FDOSFirst Day of School
FDOSFlooder Denial of Service
FDOSFloppy Disk Operating System
FDOSFlorida Department of State
FDOSFirst Day of Spring (Rita's promotion)
FDOSFrom Date of Service (various states)
FDOSFinest Depth of Sort (US Postal Service)
FDOSFixed Disk Operating System
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FDOS then furnished a purported sample of approximately 2,625 potential noncitizens to election supervisors with the directive that they contact the individuals identified and, if appropriate, remove them from the voter rolls.
pdf (stating that in 2011, the FDOS and DHSMV examined the records of over 11 million voters to identify noncitizens registered voters.
Interestingly, FDOS would only cover a SAVE search fee (up to $1.