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FDPFlat Display Panel
FDPFree Democratic Party
FDPFreie Demokratische Partei (German: Free Democratic Party)
FDPFederal Demonstration Partnership
FDPFibrin Degradation Products
FDPFlight Data Processing (FAA)
FDPFaculty Development Program
FDPFreisinnig - Demokratische Partei der Schweiz (Radical Democratic Party of Switzerland)
FDPFlexor Digitorum Profundus
FDPField Development Plan
FDPFils de Pute (French: Son of a Bitch)
FDPFarnesyl Diphosphate
FDPForest Development Plan
FDPDemocratic and Patriotic Forces (Republic of the Congo)
FDPForecast Demonstration Project (WMO)
FDPFamily Development Program
FDPFighting Dreamers Productions
FDPFlight Duty Period
FDPFender Discussion Page (guitar web forum)
FDPFederation of Deaf People (UK)
FDPFiji Democratic Party
FDPFiber Distribution Panel
FDPFast Drill Process (Exxon Mobil Corp.)
FDPFoundry Discovery Protocol (Foundry Networks)
FDPFunded Decommissioning Programme (UK)
FDPFibrin/Fibrinogen Degradation Product
FDPFlood Damage Prevention (USACE)
FDPFinal Distribution Point
FDPFigli della Divina Provvidenza (Sons of Divine Providence, religious order)
FDPForeign Duty Pay
FDPFluorinel Dissolution Process
FDPFrente Democratico Popular (Peruvian Popular Democratic Front)
FDPFatigue Decreased Proficiency
FDPField Developed Program
FDPFast Digital Processor
FDPFast Delivery Product
FDPForward Distribution Point (formerly Supply Support Activity, SSA)
FDPFunded Delivery Period
FDPForeign Dividend Payment (New Zealand)
FDPFactory Delivered Price
FDPForward Director Post
FDPFuture Data Processors (of DMPA)
FDPFamily Depression Program
FDPFull Dimension Protection
FDPFlight Director Panel
FDPFuel Delivery Pressure
FDPFazers Demand Proof
FDPFractional Delivery of Phosphate
FDPFixed and Dilated Pupil
FDPFabbrica Di Polli (Italian Radio Show)
FDPFamily Dental Plan (Utah)
FDPFixed Dental Prosthesis
FDPFutbol De Primera (soccer radio broadcasting company)
FDPFilho da Puta (Portuguese: Son of a Bitch)
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Commenting on the update, Mark Abbott, Managing Director of Egdon Resources said: We are delighted that the petroleum engineering and geotechnical work conducted to date has given the PEDL180 joint venture sufficient confidence to move directly towards FDP preparation for Wressle, without further costly and time-consuming testing.
Holding the balance of power, the FDP played kingmaker for practically every government formed before 1998.
This resulted in disastrous state Parliament elections, where the FDP repeatedly failed to reach the five percent minimum threshold in some instances.
On the other hand, such a bad result for the FDP could activate their voters," said Thomas Jaeger, political scientist at Cologne University.
State elections this spring will show whether the FDP maneuver lifts the party above the 5 percent electoral threshold needed to remain in parliament, or whether fear of certain death led them to political suicide.
At the same time, he had joined the FDP in 1951, and was eventually elected to the Federal German parliament, the Bundestag, in 1972.
After declaring victory in the September 27 elections, Merkel ditched her previous coalition partners, the centre-left Social Democrats, in favour of the pro-business FDP.
Just a year ago, the FDP fervently adhered to the religion of the American neo-cons, according to which markets regulate themselves.
Taiwan's sixth-generation FDP plants have strong international competitiveness, thanks to their good yield rate, which tops in the world, and economy of scale.
This initiative is an effort to assess the healing and hemostatic capacity of FDP using a dermal animal model for wound healing.
The FDP is a mid-career entry point for CPAs and MBAs who have three to 10 years of financial experience, a proven track record and leadership potential.
Industry partners Thales and AMS are developing the FDP systems to replace the ones currently used in French, Italian, and now Swiss, Air Traffic Control Centres, complying with Eurocontrol specifications.