FDRCFlood Damage Rehabilitation Committee (Pyongyang, North Korea)
FDRCFinancial Dispute Resolution Centre Limited (Hong Kong)
FDRCFluid Dynamics Research Center (Illinois Institute of Technology)
FDRCFollicular Dendritic Reticulum Cell
FDRCFacility Design Routing Code
FDRCFederal Dispute Resolution Conference
FDRCFlow-Duration, Rating Curve (sediment transportation)
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The FDRC administers in an independent and impartial manner a financial dispute resolution scheme to provide customers with an alternative avenue which is independent and affordable for resolving monetary disputes with financial institutions primarily by way of "Mediation First, Arbitration Next".
In the last two decades, Judge Briese has been a champion for the profession and for professional mediators throughout the state," said FDRC staff member Kimberly Kosch.
Byrne has more than 30 years of experience in disaster management and recovery program execution, including serving as the FDRC for Hurricane Harvey in Texas, and the FCO for Hurricane Sandy in New York and the 2011 Alabama tornadoes.