FDREFederal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
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Negaso Gidada, Chairperson of the Constituent Assembly and the President who signed the final and official copy of the Constitution into law, that the Constiutional drafting process failed to be sufficiently inclusive, participatory, or democratic); see also Regassa, supra note 102, at 115 ("Because the drafting, discussion, and adoption was overseen by the Transitional government which was dominated by the EPRDF, to that extent, the original legitimacy of the FDRE is undermined.
See GTP II, supra note 170, at 2; see also, Ethiopian Industrial Development Strategic Plan (2013-2025), FDRE MINISTRY OF INDUS.
Hawks Town will sell its 66% stake in FDRE to Daiei so the company can become a Daiei subsidiary.
Tadashi Nakauchi, second son of Daiei founder Isao Nakauchi, will sell his 50% stake in Hawks Town to FDRE, and 10% stake in Shin Kobe Kaihatsu to Fukuoka Dorm.
Hailemariam Dessalegn Prime Minister of the FDRE and Chairman of IGAD Assembly Witnessed by the
FDRE (2007) 'Ethiopian housing and population census', unpublished document, Central Statistical Agency (CSA) of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa.
The 2002 FDRE Biotechnology Policy and Strategy proposed the development and expansion of education and R&D.
Getachew Mengistie, State Minister of Transport of the FDRE, H.
Article 71(7) of the FDRE Constitution confers on the President the power to grant pardon in accordance with conditions and procedures established by law.
The author investigates the impact and consequences of FDREs desire for centralized control over foreign policy, his distrust of career diplomats, and his sensitivity to public opinion, manifested as a tendency to appeal to American sympathy for the plight of the Chinese against the Japanese.