FDSOIFully Depleted Silicon-On-Insulator
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The results we see on our NovaThor L8580 confirm the disruptive nature of FDSOI technology and next generations of high performance LTE platforms will be able to fully benefit from our breakthrough technology and designs," Lamouche continued.
Furthermore, the multi-gate, FDSOI structure increases the effective width of the electrical path in the transistor and also provides better electrical control of this path.
Developped advanced as 22nm FDSOI low power technologies with logic, analog, RF and embedded new memory components (STT RAM and RRAM) together with innovative design and system architecture solutions will be used to build macros and demonstrate functionality and power reduction advantage of the new IoT device components.
Objective: Develop the FDSOI ecosystem in Europe, beyond the PLACES2BE Pilot Line, in order to increase the impact of this European technology.
STMicroelectronics for the development and industrialization of state of the art FDSOI technology platform at 14nm and beyond with an industry competitive Power-Performance-Area-Cost (PPAC) trade-off.
The department DACLE CEA Grenoble wishes to launch a study design ASICs in CMOS 14 nm FDSOI technology.
This circuit will be manufactured in 28 nm FDSOI technology.