FDTCFlorence Darlington Technical College (South Carolina)
FDTCFujitsu Display Technologies Corporation
FDTCFederation of Danish Textile & Clothing (trade organization; Denmark)
FDTCFetal Diagnosis and Treatment Center
FDTCFlorida Diesel Truck Club, Inc
FDTCFault Diagnosis and Tolerance Cryptography
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The FDTC of a (closed) braid g is defined as the FDTC of g[phi], viewed as an element of MCG(S -{n points}).
In turn, FDTC exhibits a very flat background though it is deviated from zero, and a stronger transition at the interface between healthy areas and defect ones, due to the better lateral compensation achieved with the 3D model.
To measure the residuary background of non-uniformity (inversely proportional to thermal contrast) after application of contrast enhancement techniques, an index of background relative non-uniformity is proposed to evaluate how much a contrast enhancement method is able to compensate the non-uniform heating, without concerning if working with profiles represented by temperature quantities or by dimensionless values, as in FDTC and NC.
D] for a sound point obtained from the second approximation FDTC model, [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] must be recovered from a [P.
In both approximations, FDTC algorithm does not need to perform temperature estimation in three spatial axes throughout the material in every sample time, making it possible to achieve a substantial reduction in execution time compared to techniques using 3D models for simulation and inversion tasks; but more than this, it can be said that the FDTC strategy about contrast enhancement is more reliable than the 3D thermal reconstruction, since the first one estimates temperatures from real values in each thermogram, and the second one performs estimation from ideal initial conditions and theoretical data.
The software will be used by FDTC students to train for positions in the medical and dental field so that they will be prepared upon graduation, for in-demand positions.
FDTC will use iMedicor's customizable electronic healthcare records systems for the medical field (iCoreMD) and the dental field (iCoreDental) as well as its iCoreExchange communications network that is available to the entire healthcare community.
La escala de dimorfismo sexual, que ordena de mayor a menor las mediciones segun su IDS en la muestra (se consideraron para esta escala los promedios de los valores de ambos lados por medicion) es: HAE, EACG, HDTC, FDTC, CLM, HDVC, RLM, FAB, FDVC, TLM, ULM, FLM, HLM e ILM.
Sin embargo, las diferencias entre los lados derecho e izquierdo a nivel de individuos resultaron significativos, con p < 0,05 en la prueba de t Student para muestras pareadas, para todos los valores a excepcion de HDVC, FDVC, FDTC, FAB, TLM e ILM.
Todas las medidas estudiadas presentan dimorfismo sexual, dentro de las cuales CLM, EACG, HDTC, HAE y FDTC presentaron un porcentaje de clasificacion correcta mayor a 85% al utilizar funciones discriminantes.
Gould's vision will no doubt serve to launch many new businesses across the southeastern region of the United States as well as to prepare many FDTC students to take advantage of the growing 21st century Rapid Manufacturing economy.