FDTDFinite Difference Time Domain
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As mentioned before, to ensure accurate modelling in FDTD it is necessary to model antenna array geometry in a 3D Cartesian grid.
In particular, using a general fractional polynomial series approximation and the fractional calculus theory both the spatial and frequency dispersion characteristics of the dielectric response have been incorporated into the developed FDTD scheme.
To achieve the efficient FDTD simulations in the presence of a thick substrate, we introduce a computational algorithm for simulating incoherent addition of light in the glass substrate.
Therefore, based on the proved availability of propagation model for positioning and our previously proposed indoor localization system, we present a novel indoor propagation and penetration model efficiently combined with Ray-Tracing, FDTD and Rough Set Theory for radio map building, and effectively deploy the moving people factor for radio map updating process.
In this paper, a conformal FDTD method for dispersive material is proposed to accurately model the scattering of inhomogeneous plasma cylinder array illuminated by terahertz EM waves.
The difference between FDTD and analytically calculated values occurs as we have used values of silver index as provided in the FDTD software which are different from the values used in the analytical model.
Juntunen and Tsiboukis [19] introduced artificial anisotropy to reduce the numerical dispersion of the traditional FDTD method, and it was implemented in ADI-FDTD method by Zheng and Leung [20].
6] have done lots of work on combining this method with the FDTD scheme, and have got excellent results.
On the other hand, BPM(6) is an effective method of fast computation, but it has lower precision than FDTD and cannot accurately simulate color splitting.
The results simulations are very important compared to measure and FDTD code.