FDTLFund for the Development of Teaching and Learning (UK)
FDTLForum Démocratique pour le Travail et les Libertés (French: Democratic Forum for Labour and Liberties, Tunisia)
FDTLFlight Duty Time Limitations (India)
FDTLFrom Darkness to Light (mental health)
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We will execute the handover process from FDTL in a smooth and planned manner, and the new NSC will continue to offer our customers the same high quality vehicles and outstanding service that they have come to expect from Mazda.
One of the first rejoinders came from Domingos 'Deker' Agusto, a former Falintil guerrilla from Ermera who had been discharged from FDTL in September 2003 and subsequently joined PD, who argued that it was Alkatiri who was frustrated.
Political parties: Democratic Constitutional Rally (Rassemblement Constitutionnel Democratique--ruling party) or RCD, President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali; Et-Tajdid Movement (Mohamed Harmel); Democratic Forum for Labor and Liberties or FDTL (Mustapha Ben Jaafar); Liberal Social Party or PSL (Mondher Thabet); Movement of Democratic Socialists or MDS (Ismail Boulahia); Popular Unity Party or PUP (Mohamed Bouchiha); Unionist Democratic Union or UDU (Ahmed Inoubli); Progressive Democratic Party or PDP (Maya Jribi); Green Party for Progress or PVP (Mongi Khamassi).
The pilots, who are represented by the Indian Commercial Pilots Association (ICPA), had sent a legal notice to the airline CMD on 14th September and asked for the termination of the order stating that the one-sided decision is disallowed as FDTL of pilots are to be settled under a bilateral agreement involving both the union as well as the AI management.
In early part of the current month, the Ministry of Civil Aviation had directed Air India to execute 125 hours per month FDTL for pilots, in line with the sector watchdog DGCA, to enlarge flight time, thus making efficient and superior use of aircraft fleet and workforce, above and beyond reduced expenses on human resource.
In a statement to TAP news agency, Mohamed Bennour specified that FDTL is striving to reach a broad agreement which comprises the issues of the National Constituent Assembly (NCA) presidency and the sovereignty ministries.
Singh had previously directed to accomplish a relative study of the FDTL as maintained by the national carrier with the guidelines of the DGCA.
It was found in the study that out of six FDTL parameters, Air India s maintenance of all these norms intended for its pilots and crew members are yet to make any mark, excluding the parameter of Rest Period.
TUNIS (TAP) - Secretary-General of the Democratic Forum for Labour and Freedoms "Ettakatol," Mustapha Ben Jaafar announced, on Sunday in Kasserine, the launch of the electoral campaign of FDTL for the National Constituent Assembly election.
He considered that the speech of the Caretaker PM is consistent with the programme of the FDTL regarding the need for a total revision of the economic and social system.
During a press conference attended by several party members, the FDTL Secretary-General reviewed the general orientations that his party is striving to entrench and reinforce, stressing the need to set up "a revised Presidential system /.
ARIANA (TAP) - At a meeting held on Friday, Secretary General of the Democratic Forum for Labour and Liberties FDTL Mustapha Ben JEoafar called for the election of regional council members who would have the benefit of independence as regards decision and financing, stressing the need to work out an economic strategy that takes into account the specificities of each region.