FEACFederal Enterprise Architecture Framework
FEACFar End Alarm Control
FEACFar End Activation Code
FEACFederação das Entidades Assistenciais de Campinas (Portuguese: Federation of Assistance Entities of Campinas)
FEACFar End Alarm and Control
FEACFederal Enterprise Architecture Certification
FEACFulbright Educational Advising Center (Romania)
FEACFonds d'Aides aux Échanges Artistiques et Culturels de l'Outre-Mer (French: Aid Fund for Overseas Artistic and Cultural Exchanges)
FEACFusion Energy Advisory Committee
FEACFar-End Alarm Control
FEACFar End Alarm Channel
FEACFlorida Employer Advisory Council
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We are very proud to be associated with FEAC Institute.
4, in FEAC, the following five types of dependency relationships are considered, including entity dependency, time dependency, environment dependency, resource dependency and subject dependency.
Rao, Reedy and Bellman are instructors at the FEAC.
Many of the buildings still standing after the storm will, out of necessity, be demolished due to contamination and fear of latent weaknesses and mold susceptibility, said FEAC.
For example, in 1990 the supply could not satisfy demand in Wuxi city, and the Wuxi FEAC was able to obtain two million dollars from nearby cities (Huang, 1990).
He is now free to write poems and songs outside prison," the FEAC said in a statement.
The FEAC Institute and Everware-CBDI courses jointly address these issues and provide specific guidance for organizations at each maturity stage.
Tenders are invited for Provide Independent Technical Consultant to assist the Commission~s Legal, Utilities and Audit Divisions in analyzing th FEAC filings for the years 2010-2015.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) -- Excellence in Enterprise Architecture Award, sponsored by E-Gov, Federal Computer Week, FEAC Institute, and the Enterprise Architecture Program Advisory Board
Food supplies under the European Fund for Assistance to deprived people - FEAC - supply of olive oil (refined and virgin).
The CAM 7665 is the first ATM multiplexer with a high-end concentration of up to eleven DS3 services over OC-12, each providing built-in test capabilities, FEAC support, and statistical counters.
Test far-end equipment by automatically looping up the far end and verifying if data is being properly received on the specified DS1 channels by transmitting C-bit FEAC or DS1 loop codes.