FEACCFederal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (Ethiopia)
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State Department's Annual Reviews, the World Bank (2004), African Economic Studies (2008), Ayalew (2005), Mengistu and Vogel (2009), Tamyalew (2010), Kidan (2010), Mezmur (2011), Arriola (2011) and Kilimanjaro International and FEACC (2012).
A recent study by the World Bank (2012), in collaboration with the FEACC, however, concluded that, "The diagnostics strongly suggests that in Ethiopia, corruption practice in the delivery of basic services is comparatively limited and potentially much lower than other low-income countries (World Bank, 2012:1).
Another FEACC commissioned study (Kilimanjaro International: 2011, 2012) reported that ".
A majority of survey respondents conflict of interest is pretty common and overall the system lacks integrity and institutional transparency; that donor aid should be tied to improved governance and measurable reform and the FEACC largely a veneer and ineffective.
He had disappeared with $600,000 cash from a government bureaueIN a statement from FEACC said.